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Under Construction

Please excuse the lack of browsability while the site is being re-built. I will try to update this page manually while I re-code everything. Not only do I need to re-install the forum, but I need to re-upload every single deck (with the exception of a few that were made by other deckmakers).

Deck Progress

The site will open for prejoin once there are 50 current/released decks and 100 upcoming/future decks.

  • Released: 53/50
  • Upcoming: 24/100


As the website is re-constructed, this page will be periodically updated with what has been changed/revamped/fixed since the original site code is very much broken and outdated. (You're probably wondering why I won't just work with a premade script...stubborn pride. It started with me creating nearly every table from scratch, because I actually used to code the deck pages by hand (which I very quickly stopped doing), and I will keep it that way.)

changes as of july 14, 2021

  • Mastery form revamped. Custom badges immediately rewarded for remasteries. (Will soon add similar changes for those who are the first to master a deck.)
  • Wishing Well revamped. All wishes are now added to a database. Still working on the backend. Will work similarly to how Spotlight's wishing system works - except with the addition of a textarea with the wish being granted when actually granting the wish and removing it from the database.
  • Started working on a rewards panel.

changes as of july 16, 2021

  • Card template revamped as Rahenna, who made the original template, has been inactive and I am unsure if I can get the permission back before prejoin.
  • Pre-Prejoin Donations now being accepted.
  • Memberlist backend has been created.
  • Release deck page (moving from upcoming to released decks) has been modified to spit out a random card.
  • "View Series" page has been created...finally.

changes as of july 18, 2021

  • Forum installed and mostly set up.
  • Deck Release function fixed. Previously did not add "card worth" and "cards per row" into main card database.
  • Deck Donation database created. Backend pages are in-the-works.
    • "Claim Deck" user page completed. (BETA)
  • Deck Mastery form revamped. No more hassle with emails. Member name automatically added to deck pages and decks are automatically added to member profiles.

changes as of july 25, 2021

  • Puzzle and memory games fully revamped to not require Java.
  • "Pick a Date" has been revamped. Changes were all done to the backend so there should be no visible difference.
  • "Guess the Song" no longer requires the use of Flash.

changes as of july 29, 2021

  • Game backend for "Guess the Song" and "Warped" has been completed. For those in the Discord, you already know that there were some bugs that needed to be worked out for "Guess the Song". They have now been fixed.
  • "Card Claim" has been fixed. It was still using the deprecated MySQL instead of MySQLi, which was causing it to not appear while logged in.

changes as of july 30, 2021

  • "Slots" has been reworked. Rather than the seasonal boys changing on a week-to-week basis, it'll automatically change based on month. A rather vague explanation of how it works (because I'm an idiot that didn't feel like making new images) can be found in the Discord.
  • On-site donations put on the backburner for the time being.
  • Regarding the Danganronpa series image...if someone finds official art with boys from all 3 mainline games, I'll stop being a V3 simp and replace it.

changes as of august 15, 2021

  • On-site donation backend completed! Still working out a few kinks, though. Might make it so members can only claim six decks a month, outside of double donation months...but then I'll have to add months to the actual donation table.
  • I remembered that mastering different decks has different rewards. Mastery page has been revamped to reflect this.
  • Not doing it just yet, but I honestly don't remember making the current Diabolik Lovers layout...so I'll probably change it up soon. We're expanding to other East Asian media, so I would like to reflect this by the time the site relaunches.

changes as of september 9, 2021

  • Fixed donation back-end regarding claim resets!
  • TO-DO: Re-code accessible site randomizers. Will be formatted similarly to Spotlight! for ease-of-use for both members and staff!

changes as of september 24, 2021

  • On-site donation system completely coded! Rewards will be handed out upon donation approval.
  • TO-DO: Code form to manually add rewards so that it

changes as of december 11, 2021

  • Upcoming list re-worked. Deck names are now clickable instead of having a separate column for just the link.
  • New layout ft. Albedo of Genshin Impact
  • Wishing system completed!

changes as of december 26, 2021

  • Main deck list finally has series listed in order.
  • Game rewards coded to account for decks with different card counts.
  • TO-DO: Create icon database - one for public use and one for admin use only. Will basically mimic the one for Spotlight - but only the admin side will show filenames...public viewing will just spit out the images, but may include ones that are not on admin side because admin page will only update with multiples of 6-8 so it fills full width of layout. (There will be no MySQL used here...just PHP.)